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Expert knowledge, professionalism, trust, hard work and dedication = Our Friend Margie

When we started looking for the perfect beach property end of 2016, we were able to connect with Margie by phone, message and text any time of the day. After we explained in detail what we were looking for, she was not only able to hone in on our wishes, she also discovered hidden features, we might have overlooked. She not only helped us finding properties before those became public, she also connected us with local insiders and offered contacts to trusted financial and legal advisers. Over the months of our travel and searching, if Margie was not able to be on our side, Margie was just one text or message away. As such, she made a huge difference for us – we would trust her for any advise, decision and even handling of our funds. Over the years, Margie became not only our fluent English Adviser, but also a trusted friend. We hold Margie in high regard; have great respect for Margie, and would anytime recommend her to anybody seeking to inquire and purchase any real estate property in Palawan.


Olaf Wernicke

Mechanical Engineer/Director of Quality Management Systems, Houston Texas, USA

 “I used to live in Palawan for 18 years, then I moved to Australia with my son on 2011. It was a terrifying moment to moved in a different country without knowing of what’s ahead for you in the future, also its was sad to leave my mom living on her own in a small and crowded suburb. After 5 years of living in Australia, I decided to go back and visit my mom and our relatives.  Then there was this one day as we were heading to get something from somewhere, we drove passed to Camella Subdivision and I was mesmerized when I saw it. By that moment I remember my mom, I promise to her that I’m going to give her a gift someday when I get successful in life. The next day I went to Camella to look for a house and I met Ate Margie Barinque Vanscoy  and her niece. They’re the best people ever! They help us with everything. Ate Margie is a very helpful, understanding and a flexible Real estate Broker.”

Ms. Jeremy F.

Customer Service Representative, Australia

“We want to say thank you, Margie, for the wonderful service you have provided for us before, during and following the purchase of our property in Puerto Princesa. Your helpfulness and knowledge has made this a very fine experience for us!”


Retired Professor/Entrepreneur, Hawaii, USA

Margie is the best broker since day one I walked in to Camella.
Before it was just a dream for me to have a house, NOW it’s for REAL.

I am so blessed to have a Broker like Margie, who allocated her time from going to the bank, looking for a higher exchange rate, gathering all the requirements and documents needed and etc.

This dream of mine happens with God providence after 3 years in the US and also with the help of my husband Robert. Now I will be back in the US again happy and inspired and looking forward for my next visit- I have a place called home, FINALLY!

To everyone out there I highly recommend Margie, she knows what she is doing! She’s PERFECT!”

Robert & Neddy Greer

Trucker/Caregiver, Denver Colorado, USA

“I retired in August 31, 2015 and decided to move back to the Philippines but I didn’t know where exactly in the Philippines.   I did my research in Mindanao where I grow up even visited and stayed in Ormoc city where I was born but just gotten more confused.  One day I came across a website that caught my eye, the real-estate.palawanlastfrontieronearth.com.  So I started doing some research about Palawan and watched some videos in Youtube.  I like what I read and see so I decided to give Puerto Princesa a try,  so I contacted Margie Vanscoy, Licensed Real Estate Broker and the owner of the website.  We started communicating through email, she was prompt in her responses and she answered all my questions.  I went to Puerto Princesa to look at some properties,  Margie and James Vanscoy were very helpful. I told them what I was looking for so they drove me around to different housing development answered all my questions and didn’t put any pressures on me.  They both went out of their way to made me feel welcome they even drove me to Nagtabon and Talaudyong beach just to do some sight seeing and invited me to have dinner in their house.  Margie Vanscoy thank you so much for helping me realizing my dream now I’m a proud owner of House Model: Carina in Camella Homes Puerto Princesa.”


Elvie Mahaney

Retiree, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

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