What happens to the ownership capacity of those who renounced Filipino citizenship and adopted another citizenship? Different circumstances are governed by different applicable provisions as follows.

If prior to renunciation the property was bought by a natural born Filipino citizen, he may retain of such ownership subject to restrictions of law.

Batas Pambansa Bilang 185 adds that after renunciation, former natural born citizens may still purchase land in the Philippines, provided that ownership of an urban land is limited to 1,000 square meters, for rural land on the other hand, it must not exceed 1 hectare whose exclusive use is for residential purpose.

If both spouses are former natural born citizens who renounced citizenship, either one or both of them may still own land so long as it would not go beyond the maximum limit of the total area combined in case both of them avails.

On the other hand, former natural born Filipino citizens who contracted marriage with a foreigner are considered to not have automatically relinquished their citizenship and therefore retains their ownership rights without restrictions, unless of course they swore allegiance to adopt another citizenship. As provided for Article IV Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution, “Citizens of the Philippines who marry aliens shall retain their citizenship, unless by their act or omission, they are deemed, under the law, to have renounced it.”

Lastly, instances where the Filipino citizens acquired dual citizenship, they are required to regain or reacquire their Filipino citizenship by swearing allegiance again to the Philippine Republic in order than they may restore themselves to rights to own real properties without restrictions (Dual Citizenship Law of 2003).

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