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About Us


Daydreamed of an escape from the towering skyscrapers, vehicular noise and the never-ceasing crowd from the bustling city you’re in? Wanted to unload your daily emotional and existential baggage? Want to start life anew and leave everything behind? Come experience and own a piece of paradise!

PalawanRealEstateListing.com as its literal etymological meaning suggests, is a website which hosts various listings of myriad classifications of real estate properties, which includes residential, commercial, agricultural, and leisure properties mapped out from the outstretch of the Earth’s Last Frontier and World’s Best Island– PALAWAN.


Aside from garnering thrice the dub of ‘World’s Best Island’ because of its world-class pristine beaches, towering karsts and mountains, well-preserved nature which is a home to numerous endangered flora and fauna, Palawan is distinctly blessed with a strategic geographical location free of typhoons and earthquakes thus earning another crown for Puerto Princesa City as the ‘City of the Living God’! Despite the cost of living being relatively cheap and hosting a melting pot of different nationalities and regional groups, Puerto Princesa, Palawan is likewise declared as a peaceful and drug-free haven city.


The founder of this site are American expatriate spouses Margie and James Vanscoy who chose to retire in Palawan Philippines. Their journey began in United States where James worked in logistics and Margie became his navigator and assistant. Their nature of work literally paved way to travelling the vast expanse of America’s 42 states in the first six months alone and conquered the whole 48 states after the succeeding month! Constant travelling and navigating consequently immersed them with the sights and wonders of America. But of all the 48 states America boasts, none can beat Palawan as a top destination for retirees.

Their transition story to finding Palawan began this way according to Margie’s recollection.

‘Imagine going a place you’ve never been before? That was happened with us, we arrived Palawan like strangers, no friends and families. Well, with the nature of work we had, we are confident of what we are doing. We first rented a room for a day and on the second day we moved to an apartment.

After few months, I saw an advertisement about a real estate seminar with 36 CPD units equivalent to a 4-year degree program which is a ticket to taking a board examination for Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Without any hesitations, I immediately grabbed the opportunity and enrolled. We undergone 3 weeks for the seminar and after a month PRC Board exam took place. With all the hard work and preparations, I am one of those who passed the exam and became a LICENSED BROKER. Of course, I had already my dual citizenship before this happened as I am a Filipina who worked abroad as a domestic worker and married an American thereafter. 

For me it’s timing, as Palawan real estate just started to flourished. As an EXPAT LICENSED BROKER I would like to help other expats like us who wanted to Retire in Palawan and assist them in their transition period specially in buying real estate.’


Our ultimate goal and raison d’etre is to help you find your real estate investment in Palawan, especially retirees who share the same story like James and I! Aside from the mere brochure type of properties for sale or lease, we boast of good customer support services as we update ourselves with the latest information, news and trends that would be beneficial to prospective Real Estate Investors in Palawan. The proformas are published under the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Section but for a more personalized interaction we encourage you to give us a call or send us a message using the Contact Us toolbar. Furthermore, the listings on this website are also just a fraction of the multiple listings we have, therefore if you cannot find one in our lists you can feel free to refer to other websites.


Margie B. Vanscoy, License Broker PRC License No. 24694 HLURB No. 1103



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